About LDS Women Online

We’re a group of LDS women of diverse ages and backgrounds. Our goal is to explore the realities and wonders of LDS life as we live it, from the spiritual to the everyday. Here is a partial list of our writers and what they’ll be sharing with us:

About Mormonism

Ashley Maurer joined the church after she was married, almost eight years ago.  She is excited to be participating in setting that allows her to bring a positive and more accurate view of the Church.  On this website,  Ashley will be discussing various topics geared to non-members.

The LDS Home

Patty Sampson was born into the church, and always knew this was where she was supposed to be.   Her passion is people, and making our lives together happier and more harmonious.   On this website Patty shares her experiences and insights in bringing loving homes into focus.

In the Kitchen

Allison Taylor is a mother of two children with a busy at-home work schedule.  She understands the pressures of time and the challenges it poses when trying to put a meal on the table.  Her column will share meal planning tips, fun recipes, and more.  Stay tuned!

Managing the Home

Beth joined the church when she was 23.  She taught elementary school in the inner-city before becoming a stay- at -home mom.  She is grateful for this time in her life to be of such service to her family.  On this website, Beth will share what she has learned managing the home.

Applying LDS Doctrine

Terrie Lynn Bittner joined the church at the age of seventeen after an extensive search for a church that taught prophets, eternal families, and premortal life. Today, she enjoys sharing what she’s learned with adults through her websites, and toddlers in the nursery. On this website, Terrie discusses gospel principles and their impact on our Latter-day lives.

To Thine Own Self Be True

Laura was raised a member of the church. Now as an adult with the responsibilities of a wife and mother, she writes about investigating the gospel as a member, and how to “grow up” in the gospel you grew up in.

Everyday LDS Life

Joanne Nichols knows that LDS women have a life outside their responsibilities in the home and church. In her column, she will explore the world of hobbies, career, and other aspects of our busy lives.

The Balanced Life

Shilowe Martin is a life-long member of the church. As a wife and mother with many hobbies and interests, she understands the importance of prioritizing. She will be sharing her everyday life experiences as she strives to maintain a balance between family, church and everything in between.

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